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Dr. Christine Jobson, D.M.A. ’19

Metropolitan Opera, Assistant Professor, KU

"Attending the Frost program in Salzburg was a pivotal moment in my career. I was able to make connections that turned into actual work in the music industry."

Zaray Rodriguez Rossi, Mezzo-Soprano

"The growth that I experienced as a young singer at the Frost School of Music Salzburg program was exponential. This was all due to the superb world-class voice teachers and coaches who encouraged me and allowed me to discover my artistry and my voice in one of the most beautiful places on earth."

Stephen Pitters, Countertenor

"The Salzburg program was immensely life-changing for me because it filled in all of the missing pieces; from exploring European lifestyle at the Salzburg Festival to acquiring an in-depth foundation of the German language, the voice, and the performance of classical music, I truly learned the importance and beauty of being a 21st-century singer."

Sandra Lopez de Haro, B.M. '96, Soprano

sondra-lopez-240x320.jpgInternational Opera Singer
Metropolitan National Council Winner
Former Metropolitan Opera Lindemann Young Artist

Current Frost School of Music Vocal Lecturer

"It was a phenomenal experience to be in an environment of total concentrated learning and focusing exclusively on all the tools it takes to become a great performer. I learned so much from watching the top performers in the world live on stage, and not just operas but intimate recitals. And of course the language instruction, the coaching and voice lessons. For me, it felt as though we compressed years of work into just a few weeks. It solidified my desire to really pursue performing and to realize the possibilities that lay ahead in a career as an opera singer."

Richard Ollarsabe

Richard OllarsabeRyan Opera Center Lyric Opera of Chicago

"Before my summer in Salzburg, I had never traveled abroad. Salzburg was the perfect place to introduce me to the international musical community and being surrounded by the events of the world-famous Salzburg Festival offered me perspectives I never thought I would be able to experience at the time. I was able to see some of the world’s greatest artists - I even met Placido Domingo after sitting in on one of his rehearsals. I never felt more inspired as a young singer than when I was in Salzburg. I feel so appreciative having had the opportunity to participate in the University of Miami Frost School of Music in Salzburg program."

Emily Fons, Mezzo-Soprano

Emily FonsRising international opera star

"That was the program that started it all for me, such fond memories.  It really was life-changing because I saw what it was going to take to become a professional singer and it really inspired me to give my all. Salzburg in the summer is MAGICAL.”

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"I will never forget the summer I spent as a student at the University of Miami School of Music in Salzburg.  I was 'a kid' and in heaven at this program.  From the daily coachings and lessons to the exposure to the performances at the Salzburg Festival, the program earned a spot in my heart and artistry forever. Any aspiring student of singing should jump at the opportunity to spend time with such a great faculty in a town build on music.”
  Jason Ferrante
  Leading Character Tenor

"Words cannot adequately describe my summer in Salzburg.  I was extremely happy with the entire program, faculty, and activities.  I learned so much more than I thought I was going to and it went much deeper than vocal instruction and German.  This program was worth every penny and it was a summer I will truly never forget.”
  Eriana Holle, college senior

"I chose this program because I wanted to grow as a singer.  I was not disappointed in how it turned out.  It exceeded my expectations.  I was challenged to break bad vocal habits and be a more compelling performer.  I now feel more confident and empowered with my voice which is a big deal for me with my senior recital approaching.”
  Micah Jones, college senior

"The program exceeded my expectations!  My few weeks here have given me a whole new concept of singing.  Being around such dedicated, passionate, and expressive mentors and peers made me fall in love with classical singing all over again.”
  Evelyn Fajardo, college junior

"I chose this program because I wanted a summer program in which I could focus on the fundamentals of singing without having to perform a role.  It was incredible to attend performances at the Salzburg Festival.  It motivated me to work even harder.  I am glad I chose this program and wish I could do it again next summer.”
  Rachael Anaeker, college undergrad

"I chose this program principally because of its long-standing reputation as being among the best organized and well-rounded summer programs.  And because of the concert and opera offerings at the Salzburg Festspiel The intensity of the program, adeptly juggling performances opportunities, german language study, vocal instruction, and coaching as well as cultural immersion was exactly what I needed at this stage of development.  My deepest gratitude to the world-class faculty! My instrument has a shiny new finish and my soul has been renewed.”
  Aaron Ball, Emerging professional singer

"CHANGED my life!  Loved, loved, loved my summer! Would go again tomorrow!”
    Samantha, age 23

"What a difference this program has made for me as a performer.  The information that I have learned is SO valuable!”
    Theresa, age 27

"This summer I met Jonas Kaufmann, heard Elina Garanca and Thomas Hampson sing, climbed in the Alps, and sang my heart out! The best summer of my life! Thank you a million times over!”
    Matt, age 19